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My name is Romain Hault and I'm 17 years old. I developped my first game when I was 15 and this year I'm creating my own startup: Kiwert Game Studio.
Kiwert Game Studio offers simple and addictive 2D games for smartphones and tablets. Our goal is to entertain you in your empty moments, such as a waiting line, the bus/metro or when you just have to chill.

icone de UpSideDown
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The principle is easy: switch sides by tapping on the screen, destroy all red spikes but avoid green ones. The goal is to go as far as you can, that's why UpSideDown is addictive. Don't forget to collect the stars, which allow you to activate the ball machine and get a random ball !

UpSideDown-screen01 UpSideDown-screen02 UpSideDown-screen03 UpSideDown-screen04 UpSideDown-screen05 UpSideDown-screen06
icone de Saw 2
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Following the success of Saw, Saw 2 is out! Touch the bar to score points but pay attention to the saws! Don't forget to collect as much rubies as possible to get new balls, play it now !

saw2-screen01 saw2-screen02 saw2-screen03 saw2-screen04 saw2-screen05 saw2-screen06 saw2-screen07
icone de Saw
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Push the ball up but don't touch the saws ! Try to beat the best known score, which is 36! Get as many rubies as possible to unlock some new balls! Play it now!

saw-screen01 saw-screen02 saw-screen03 saw-screen04 saw-screen05 saw-screen06

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